The FENIX Trophy is an experience of sporting exchange, meant to highlight best practices within non-professional football: sporting conduct, hospitality, inclusivity, bonds with the local community, sustainability, use of technologies, and friendship among clubs.

All the matches will be live streamed on our YouTube channel FENIX Trophy TV  for free, in order to make them available for all the fans, to whom this beautiful game truly belongs.

Our aim is to promote non-professional football and its best practices in all Europe through a well-structured organization and communication. Of course this means the tournament involves costs (flight tickets, accommodation, etc.) and we are here to ask you a small contribution to help this project to get started, or – as we say – let the FENIX fly.


Since we want to show our gratitude for your precious contributions, so here’s our starting 11 line-up of rewards for you generous donors!

1. €10 or €15 – A contributor page on our tournament website listing the names of all
those who have donated to this reward.

2. €25 – Call-out on live stream during match of your choice

3. €35 – A contributor page on the reverse of official match team sheets listing the
names of all those who have donated to this reward

4. €45 – Tournament medal

5. €65 – Half time penalty scoring at the game of your choice

6. €85 – Your kid as mascot at game of your choice

7. €100 – Picture with the team after the game of your choice

8. €120 – Dedicated supporter appreciation day post on tournament’s social media

9. €150 – Dinner invitation after game of your choice

10. €500 – Signed match ball from the final

11. €1000 – VIP Invitation to the final 8 (continental flight + game pass +


Mario Bolz
Andre Reinholz
Markus Moller
Paul Butcher
Nikolas Kuhn
Vicent Chilet
Massimo Ferlini
Stefan Wischert
Lance Manock
Daniel Zohrer
Jacob Bauermeister
Erik Kunert
Armando Espinal
Nils Richter
George Baker
Aled Duckfield
Jose Vicente Paton Benito
Bela Salzman
Jamie Goff
Roberto Emili
Kevin Cronin
Xurxo Penas